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InnoCow – The Health Tracking System for Dairy Cows

We, the founders of InnoCow, aim to improve both the health of dairy cows and the economic situation of farmers at the same time.

As an innovative start-up, we use modern technologies and state-of-the-art research results to digitize the dairy industry. To do so, we have developed an automated heath diagnosis system for dairy cows. With the help of sensor collars, the vital and activity data of the cows are captured in real time and analyzed comprehensively. The results are available immediately on smartphone or PC.

Our system focuses on two central components: heat detection and early detection of diseases.

Heat detection allows cutting costs by avoiding unnecessary insemination. Furthermore, by determining the optimal moment for insemination, dairy production is kept at a permanently higher level. Early detection of diseases allows cutting treatment costs and improving the health of the herd. Overall, the animals’ stress level is reduced and the cows are healthier.

Our technology enables dairy farms to benefit from technological progress and to withstand the increasing pressure to optimize operations.


Heat Detection

Detecting the right moment, reducing the number of insemination attempts, shortening calving intervals, saving veterinary costs ...
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Early Detection of Diseases

Identifying sick animals early, reducing treatment costs and medication, preventing contagion ...
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Herd Management

Locating sick animals, systematically separating affected animals, planning veterinary appointments, finding animals in heat, checking milk production ...
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Real-Time Tracking

Precisely tracking the movement behavior of individual animals, optimal basis for decisions regarding heat and health ...
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Your Benefits

In addition, our integrated web application for tablets, smartphones, or PCs offers a user-friendly interface for managing your herd. Our sensor collars are thus perfectly adapted to the needs of the cows and the demands of the farmers.

  • Time savings
  • Higher productivity of the farm
  • Lower treatment costs
  • Lower insemination costs
  • Healthier cows
  • Less medication

"InnoCow is funded unter the project name BlauCow within the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund."