Healthy Cows
for more Milk
and lower Costs


The InnoCow Tracking System – All Functions in One Product

The InnoCow tracking system improves the health of your dairy cows and your economic situation at the same time. It provides you with detailed information about heat and about the health of your herd, and thus enables you to optimize your production.

Our system gives you up-to-date performance indicators and the results of the monthly milk production check. The information and the evaluations gained through our algorithms are crucial for your economic success.

Thanks to the user-friendly visualization of the information, such as the presentation of all relevant information about an individual animal in one overview, you get to know your animals better.

In addition, you can save time, meaning that you can systematically use what little time you have available to take care of sick cows or similar issues, and thus work more efficiently.

  • Unambiguous heat detection
  • Early detection of diseases
  • Comfortable herd management
  • Detailed single animal view
  • User-friendly scheduling of appointments
  • Easy milk production check
  • Interface with Germany’s central animal registration database (HI-Tier)

InnoCow – Cutting-Edge Technology


Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking to the centimeter allows capturing the daily movement behavior of the individual animals with great accuracy. The conclusions that can be drawn from this form the optimal basis for your decisions regarding heat, health, etc.


Data analysis

Our algorithms learn on their own from the collected data. All current and historical data about the cows of every dairy farm are incorporated here, so our algorithms have a crucial advantage here and can provide exact diagnoses.


Always up to date

The diagnoses are made available as a Cloud application via a central analysis platform. We provide you with new functions and analyses so that the technology is always up to date.

"InnoCow is funded unter the project name BlauCow within the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund."