Healthy Cows
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Early Detection of Diseases with InnoCow

Why early detection of diseases?

Due to the increasing pressure exerted on animal farms by consumers and government to reduce the use of antibiotics, it is important for you especially now to detect diseases early on so that expensive and long-lasting treatment with antibiotics can be avoided.

The benefits of InnoCow

We have developed a system for the early detection of diseases to support you in this situation and to help you get to know your animals even better.

In evaluating the data, our product relies on the use on algorithms. This data evaluation allows making unambiguous diagnoses and minimizing the number of animals wrongly identified as sick. The system is based on the fact that animals already exhibit a change in behavior in the early stages of a disease.

The behavior parameters captured by the sensor collar are evaluated independently and you receive the resulting diagnoses comfortably via an app on your smartphone, or you can check them on your computer or tablet.

With our early disease detection through our sensors, diseases such as lameness, metabolic disorders, fertility problems, and other diseases can frequently be detected before they manifest in a form that is visible for you.

This enables you as the owner of the animals to have them treated earlier and in a more targeted manner, which reduces the costs for expensive veterinary treatments on the one hand and, on the other hand, ensures that the cows’ milk production does not decrease so strongly over the course of weeks and quickly rises again after early and focused treatment.

All in all, this means lower costs and increased yields, which will benefit you as a dairy farmer in the current economic situation where low milk prices prevail. In addition, by detecting diseases early on you can increase the productive lifespan of your animals so that costs for restocking and buying in animals can be reduced.

With our product for the early detection of diseases, we fulfill your wish for healthy animals while reducing the costs for you as a dairy producer.

"InnoCow is funded unter the project name BlauCow within the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund."