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Automatic Heat Detection with InnoCow

Why automatic heat detection?

Detecting whether a cow is in heat is not easy, as one cannot always recognize externally that a cow is in heat. High-yielding animals, in particular, increasingly exhibit only weak to no external heat symptoms in the final years. In addition, the actual duration of the heat has become drastically shorter.

The benefits of InnoCow

As it is impossible for you to observe your animals around the clock in order to detect any signals of heat, it is almost impossible to identify the correct moment for insemination. This is where our product comes in.

Sensors that are integrated into the cows’ collars capture the animals’ movements and their rumination activity and analyzes them with the help of algorithms. The parameters for heat detection are monitored around the clock and allow seamless observation of each individual animal.

The algorithms used re-adapt every day to the behavior of each animal. In addition, the parameters of the entire herd are also taken into account. Thus, the data are available both on a group basis and for the individual animal.

On the one hand, this allows a very precise heat detection rate and, on the other hand, leads to fewer false positives, i.e., that heat are indicated even though the animal is not in heat at all.

To detect whether an animal is in heat, our system uses the fact that activity increases very strongly on the day before the heat starts and on the day of the heat itself, whereas the rumination activity strongly decreases during this time.

For you, it is extremely important to detect the heat early and especially unambiguously. You can save costs for further insemination attempts, thereby significantly shorten calving intervals, and minimize the costs of an “empty” cow.

Thus, the benefits are not only regular calving and maximum milk production, but also cost savings, which will significantly improve your economic situation. Another benefit of  the technology we use is that the evaluation is Cloud-based.

This enables you to use either your smartphone or a tablet/PC to find out what the current status of your animals is.

"InnoCow is funded unter the project name BlauCow within the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund."