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Herd Management with InnoCow

Why herd management?

In times of ever larger animal herds coupled with ever greater bureaucratic effort, systematic and simple herd management is very important for farmers.

The benefits of InnoCow

We have developed a herd management program for farmers that is perfectly tailored to the wishes and demands of modern dairy farmers. This tool enables the farmer to manage his entire herd. He can manage them with this very time- and cost-efficient method and he can capture and analyze all data with the help of a program. In addition to enabling pure herd management, the webapplication also serves to let the farmer see the diagnoses of his animals and to track them to the centimeter on the stable map, in real time. On this stable map, all animals are indicated for which an alert message exists. In the case of conspicuous animals, the farmer is shown immediately what type of alert it is. This enables him to act quickly if problems occur in his herd. In the webapplication, the farmer can enter various appointments for his animals as well as dates of inseminations and calvings. He can also register and deregister animals as there is an interface to Germany’s central animal registration database HI-Tier.

Furthermore, treatment data for the individual animals can be managed. In addition, a link is to be created to the responsible state control association so that elicited and analyzed milk control data can be inspected comfortably via the webapplication. On a weekly calendar, the farmer can see all upcoming appointments at one glance and gets reminded of important appointments. The detailed view function for each individual animal provides the farmer with all important data of the respective cow in one view. This saves time for the user and allows making fast decisions regarding fertility, performance, and other parameters for each animal. The benefits for the farmer are obvious. By using our system, the farmer can get to know his animals better. He can manage the entire herd in a user-friendly and simple manner and increase production while improving the well-being of the animals at the same time.

"InnoCow is funded unter the project name BlauCow within the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund."