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Localization with InnoCow

Why animal localization?

Due to continuing structural changes, the average number of animals per farm is increasing constantly. Thus it becomes increasingly more difficult for you as the farmer to locate individual animals in a large herd at first glance.

The benefits of InnoCow

With the help of our sensor collar, tracking your animals in the stable becomes possible to a few centimeters via ultra-broadband. This saves the user a lot time searching for individual animals. With the help of our app you can see the layout of your stable and systematically look for individual cows.

The animals you are looking for are shown via real-time tracking and you can quickly determine the exact location of an animal. We also offer the function that you can assign individual animals to specific areas of the stable.

This method allows preventing mistakes and you can be sure that sick animals are always separated from your herd and will not accidentally run with the healthy herd.

This also makes it possible to assign already dry animals to a specific area so that you will receive an alert if one of these animals still enters the milking parlor.

Furthermore, animals in heat do not necessarily need to be separated from the herd as they can be easily located when the inseminator arrives.

Tracking the cows in the stable also enables us to record how long your animals remain in different functional areas and how much time your cows spend doing things such as lying down, running, and eating.

This function permits optimization of stable management without time-intensive observation of the animals. Tracking the animals is also possible in the pasture. There, your cows are tracked via a built-in GPS sensor and you can locate your animals via our app.

It is also possible to build in a function that informs you when your animals leave the selected pasture. Thus you are alerted early if your herd breaks out from the pasture, and you can then quickly react and drive your animals back to the grazing area.

"InnoCow is funded unter the project name BlauCow within the EXIST program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund."